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Welcome to the United Shiloh  Missionary Baptist Association
Rev. Carson  F.  Jones, Moderator


Adult Ministries
The Objective

Coordinate & Strengthen

Preach Teach Train Reach

The  Mission
The Vision

Build Community

The Mission is to “Preach, to Teach, Train and Reach.” First we are tasked with Preaching the Word of God, as established on earth by His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are also charged with providing teaching resources so that God’s word could be better understood.  In addition, United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association provides in depth training for all those who have been called to the ministry.

Lastly we are charged by the Gospel of Jesus, to reach all manner of men and women with his life saving Word.

The USMBA is made up of independent and autonomous churches from North Carolina. We believe that we can achieve more acting as a unified collective body, than we can as individual churches.  We look forward to discussing with your church the additional benefits of membership.

Pastors Visit the Pastors of the USMBA

The Objective of the USMBA is to coordinate and strengthen our member churches. To assist our member churches through training in scripture, preaching and teaching the Word of God. To provide a central point where all the knowledge, education, experience and resources of all member churches could be centralized so that each church in the Association could benefit  from the collective resources of all churches.  

Vice Moderator Rev. John Gooch (second from right)presents check for $1000 to Rev. Dr. Tony Cozart Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vance Granville Head Start. Moderator of the USMBA, Rev. Carson F. Jones (on left) and Union President, Rev. William Kearney (on right) assist in the presentation.

Missions in Action
Scholarship Presentations

The Union Session Scholarships Awards Ceremony was held at SERAPTA MIssionary Baptist Church in Warrenton, NC, where Rev. Quincy King is the Pastor. The top scholarship

award in the amount of $550.00 was presented to Kevonnie Williams of New Providence Christian Missionary Baptist Church, where the Rev, Kathard Marks, is the Pastor.

Additional Scholarships of $150 were presented to the following students:

        Scholarship Photos by Rev. Charles E. Walton

Photo by Rev. Charles E. Walton

A small representation of the many students that were awarded $150 scholarship.

The United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association presented Scholarships Awards to deserving students that have demonstrated academic excellence at the July 2017 Union Session.

The Vision of the United Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association is to facilitate the establishment of a community of member churches; to serve these churches and their members with training, resources and support; to establish a means of fellowship between the churches; to assist member churches in building for the future while respecting the historic religious legacy of their past.

In the Vision of the United Shiloh Association Missionary Baptist Association we are also charge to facilitate growth in the communities that we serve by creating opportunities for spiritual and economic development.

Union Awards

Pastor Quincy King (on left) of Serapta Baptist Church in Warrenton, NC receives achievement award from Union President, Rev. Bill Kearney. The Achievement Award was presented to Rev. King for outstanding attendance from a Association church. Serapta Baptist Church was well represented at the Union Session with 92 members of  the church in attendance.

Serapta Baptist Church of Warrenton received the coveted award of “Most Youth in Attendence.” Rev. Quincy King, Pastor of Serapta Baptist Church is seen here sharing the Youth Attendance Achievement award from Union President, the Rev. William Kearney. The award was presented on Sunday, October 30, 2017

Photo by Rev. Charles E. Walton

Photo by Rev. Charles E. Walton

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